My favorite hobby is laughing

My favorite emotion is love

My favorite hobby is laughing

My favorite emotion is love

My favorite hobby is laughing

My favorite emotion is love

Hello, my friend.

I am so grateful for your visit! I have broken my about page into three sections; Personal, Professional, and My Story.


I was born and raised in Southern California (the Glendale/Pasadena area for you Cali folks) and have lived in Cary, NC since 1996. I have a fairy tale marriage to the man I married in 1989 and we have two adult boys (who are both in their 20s).

I love:

  • Cooking for friends. Yes, I’m quite a chef…just sayin’!
  • My morning quiet time (meditation followed by sipping Yerba Mate while reading something that speaks to my heart and soul)
  • Being in nature, especially near any sort of body of water (lake, stream, ocean, fountain… I’m not picky)
  • Doing puzzles. Although I mostly refrain simply because I become obsessed and forgo sleep and activities ‘cause I can’t help myself 🙂

I admire people who love to exercise. I do it but, as of yet, it’s still a chore.

I am totally a sucker for romantic comedies. Thank goodness my husband indulges me!

I am relentless when it comes to my own self-love, honoring my inner guidance, and honoring the beauty in every human being and situation. 


My career has taken an interesting turn.

The past ten years as a productivity coach and consultant have been an opportunity for significant growth and expansion. When I first started my practice, I focused on the best practices of productivity; how to get more done with less effort.

About a year into my business, however, I came to realize that productivity helped my clients accomplish more, but if they were not fulfilled in their work and life, productivity was simply another tool to help them accomplish more while living a life with no real happiness, joy or fulfillment.

No matter how organized or efficient they became, if they were not in alignment with their inner truth, the work of their heart and life of their soul eluded them, leaving them unfulfilled.

After experiencing this in my own life and seeing it in the lives of my clients, I slowly began shifting the tide and message of my work. I began, to work with people to align with their inner truth first before we dug into what systems and efficiencies would serve them. As they began to align with their inner truth, they began to say “No” to the people and work that drained them and “Yes” to people and things that aligned with them.

In the meantime, I was incorporating the same practices into my own life, and the benefits were far better than I could have ever imagined. (See more in “My Story” below.)

So, I am here now with you, working from my heart and teaching others to align with their inner truth, deepest calling and greatest potential (Align Living™). In addition, I’ve combined my 10 years as a productivity expert with my 9 years of life alignment experience to create a radically new form of productivity; Align Productivity™. 

My Story

I have been married since 1989. For the first 20 years of my marriage, I was not happy. I mean, there were MANY moments of fun and good times but, for me, there was a low hum of sadness and discontentment.

I have 2 adult boys. Up until 5 years ago, I had strained relationships with them.

In 2008, I started The Efficient Office and one year later I was burned out and ready to throw in the towel.

These three parts of my life became my “perfect storm” in 2009.

A year after starting The Efficient Office, I had a massive panic attack that rocked my life. As a person who had never experienced anything resembling panic, it terrified me. As I was going through it, I felt like I was going to explode, like there was an emotional pain that was splitting me wide open. During all of this, there was one phrase that repeated over and over in my head: “This is not the way you are meant to live your life.”

I knew those words were a deep and profound truth for me. I knew that I could not bear one more minute living life as I had been living it. I didn’t exactly know how to live it differently, but I knew I was going to. I became acutely aware that happiness was my birth right, as it is for every human being, and I was made to honor that for myself and others.

That was the beginning of me honoring my inner truth. I began the slow, windy, sometimes painful journey of listening to what did or did not align with me. I lovingly honored my inner truth and stopped making others responsible for my happiness. I gave love freely while creating boundaries around what was and was not acceptable to me – without blaming or rejecting others.

The more I loved and honored me, the more I loved, honored and respected the process of others (we can’t give what we don’t have).

I began to notice and acknowledge all the sweet things my husband did for our family. I began to accept where my boys were in their lives and slowly let go of my expectations.

I began to shift how I thought about productivity, my business and how I worked with clients. Instead, I began only taking on clients that aligned with me.

Fast forward to today…

I now have a fairy tale marriage with my hubby (yes, the same one!). I love him more today than I ever have. We have marriage that I never believed was possible for me.

I now have incredible relationships with my boys. There is laughter, lots of love and a genuine respect for each other.

I now have a career that supports my lifestyle and fills my soul.

I have a career –

…where I no longer hang on every word of the marketing “experts”

…where I say what’s in my heart, not what I’m “supposed” to say

…where I only listen to and move from my inner guidance

Aligning with and honoring my inner truth has allowed my inner guidance to become my navigation, and it has led me to my true path; living and working my deepest calling and greatest potential.

Living in your alignment, living your deepest calling and greatest potential is your birthright. I hope my truth gives you permission to honor the quiet voice inside that’s calling you toward the beautiful life that is your destiny.

I look forward to helping you step into your alignment.

With all the love in my heart,


Let us align to the Divine that is each and every one of us - together.

Let us claim the lights that we are – together. Let our lights illuminate the path for all – together