Accept Your Divine Worth


When gazing at a little baby, most likely your heart melts and you soften inside. Most likely you see their perfection. Most likely you see them as deserving every wonderful thing in life.

 And yet, they have done nothing except cry, sleep, and demand food.

They have done nothing to deserve every good thing and yet, you know they are deserving. You know they are a miracle, you know they are perfection.

Well, here’s the mind-bend…you are that perfect miracle in a grown-up body.

So why is it so hard for us to believe that we are worthy of every good thing, yet so effortless when it comes to a baby?

This is the conversation Jordan and I had during this week’s episode on The Soul Sisters Cafe where my co-host Jordan Blaquera and I discuss the transformational experience she had as she witnessed the birth of my first son.

Here’s a little explanation from Jordan:

In 1991, I witnessed the birth of my first nephew.

It was a transcendent moment and a life-altering experience.

As I experienced full-bodied, unconditional love for this brand new baby, I knew unflinchingly that:

He deserved every good thing.

However, as the days and months passed, I began asking myself these questions:

  • If he deserves every good thing, why don’t I?
  • What is the difference between he and I

  • Is there a difference between he and I?

  • How is it that I can be absolutely sure that there is nothing this beautiful baby has to do earn this love, while at the same time I believe there is so much that I myself need to achieve first in order to be loveable and worthy?

  • How can he be fully and completely deserving of this love (without any conditions or requirements whatsoever) while I feel completely inadequate, flawed and inferior and am trying desperately to earn my own worthiness?

The discrepancy between what I felt for my nephew and what I believed and felt about myself was immense.

I could not reconcile it.

Until recently.

Join Jordan and me in the Soul Sisters Cafe Podcast for the story of how Jordan reconciled the irreconcilable and came to claim of her own Divine Worth. 

To the inherent, intrinsic and infallible worthiness in all of us.

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From my heart to yours,

Tracey Gritz

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