ALIGN Living Live!

Facebook Live Every Tuesday at 1:00 (Eastern)

ALIGN Living Live!

every Tuesday at 1:00 PM Eastern Time

ALIGN Living Live!

every Tuesday at 1:00 Eastern Time

I’m a recovering:







I’ve been addicted to:

…making others happy

…following & comparing myself to what others/the ‘experts’ say

…basically telling my inner voice – “Shut the hell up!”

Nine years ago I got a not-so-pretty wake up call that put me on my path to recovery (Click here for my story.).

I started on my clumsy, awkward, yet determined path to turn my beyond-high-stress, low fulfillment life into what I have today; fairy tale deliciousness (no bullshit).

I’ve learned that transformation is not always easy or pretty, but it is always beautiful.

Now, I want to share what did and did not work; to talk about the truth; my truth, your truth and the pain caused by living so much of our lives outside of that truth.

You are perfection, you are a gift and you are a unique and brilliant soul.

I invite you to join me via Facebook Live, every Tuesday at 1:00pm (Eastern) as I share the always real and incredibly honest steps I took to align with, stand in and live my truth. Every. Single. Day.

We will explore:

…how to align with your inner truth

…how to stop placing your worth in the hands of others

…how to live free from fear, worry and emotional pain (no, I’m not suggesting you will never experience these emotions, I’m simply saying that they will no longer enslave you)

…how to live in the sea of love, joy, abundance and beauty that is your birthright

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