The Cult of Productivity


We live in a society obsessed with productivity.

Where multi-tasking, overwhelm and sleep deprivation are bragged about, and where we are constantly glued to our electronic devices.

The truth?

We are failing in the productivity department.

Since 2007, productivity has been on a sharp decline, burnout and overwhelm are at an all-time high, and professionals are leaving 25% of their vacation time unused.

It’s time to stop listening to a productivity-obsessed culture that’s telling you to do more, and start listening to your inner voice that’s telling you that doing more is not the answer.

The purpose of productivity is to create a life of abundance…

…not a life of doing more.

You may sense this to be true and yet, you are working harder than ever to get to a place where you feel like your head’s above water and you can finally relax but never feeling like you are getting ahead.

I understand.

I too bought into our culture’s idea of productivity. 

The idea that if I am productive…

…I will get more done, and if I get more done…

…I will be more successful, and if I am more successful…

I will (finally) be happy.

Sure, I got more done and yes, I was successful but I was also exhausted and not even close to living the life I dreamed of.  Managing my time so I could get more done did just that – I was able to accomplish more than ever but with that came a panic attack that almost did me in.

It was a scary point in my life. I’ve shared this story in past productivity courses and I’ll be sharing it again in my brand new productivity course launching this January 2017. Surprise! Just in time to kick off the new year and I’m super excited to share it with you.

The point is…We are born to be great, to create our own version of success, and to be powerful, confident, happy people…

…not to just work our life away.

I challenge you…

Pull away from the herd looking to use productivity to get more done and instead, use productivity as a tool to live a life of abundance, to live and work in alignment with your goals and priorities.

Let’s face it, anything not in alignment with your goals and priorities is a complete waste of time.

Do you agree or disagree?

Have you fallen victim to the cult of productivity?

Please leave me a comment below and tell me what productivity belief you find yourself trapped in. Is it that if you work hard you’ll be successful? Is it that if you work hard you’ll be happy? I want to hear what people have told you about productivity that you know is just no longer true!

It is my mission to raise awareness about the true purpose of productivity. Together, we can all expose these social lies that keep us buried in work, terrified that we won’t get ahead and feeling like there’s never enough time for ourselves or loved ones.

In January I will do a deep dive into how to use productivity to create a life of abundance, make a greater impact with less effort, and live in alignment with your goals and priorities. It’s a free course I’ll ONLY be offering to my subscribers, and I know you’re going to get a lot out of it!

With love,




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