Emotional Safety in a Relationship


I had an expectation of what inner peace would look like.

But as I’ve aligned to the path of my soul and the divinity that lives within me, I have come to see how much I’ve tried to hide the calm and inner peace that lives within me.

So what could possibly be the downside of inner peace?

That’s what my soul sister Jordan and I discussed in this episode. Join us as we talk about:

  1. How I compromised my truth in order to be accepted.
  2. As my inner peace grew – and my level of worry, struggle, and emotional suffering declined – I began to feel embarrassed and ashamed.
  3. How there will be rubble on the way to striking the well of unconditional love.  

So what do we do when there seems to be a choice between being authentic or risking a relationship?

Watch (or listen) to learn how to make a new possibility, create emotional safety in your relationships and lovingly navigate the surprises that reveal themselves on our spiritual paths.

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From my heart to yours,

Tracey Gritz

Tracey Gritz: Sometimes doing what’s within us to do may not just be the easiest path. But I know that the path of trying to be somebody other than who I am……and to dim my light is very painful. It’s very lonely. It’s very depressing and it’s very hard. So if I’m going to contend with something, I would much rather contend as the woman I stand in today personally.

Jordan Blaquera: We do make a possibility when we stand in our own authenticity and we see a true story…or not just a true story but someone we know, and we see a true passageway. We see true growth that happened in them. Then it calls to that part of us, and then we know something is possible for us. And just think about all the people in your life that stand in possibility. What if they weren’t willing to? So on the other side, I feel like that is definitely the call of love.

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