Having a Hard Time Falling/Staying Asleep?


What do you do when you’re trying to sleep but it’s just not happening?

Or, if you’re like me, what do you do when you wake up at 2am and can’t fall back asleep?

Does worrying about the future keep you awake? 

Or might anger keep you from getting the 😴😴😴 you want?

We’ve all been there: snug in bed, ready to sleep but our minds are racing with a million things to do or stress over. It can get seriously overwhelming and stop us from getting the rejuvenation we so desperately need.

While there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to quieting the mind and falling asleep, there is a myriad of tools that can help.

My Soul Sisters Cafe co-host, Jordan Blaquera and I open up about our sleep tips buffet where you can pick and choose what to add to your plate! Yummy, right?

Some of the topics we discuss on this episode include:

  • Why we have a hard time falling asleep
  • Breathing exercises we use in our own bedtime routines
  • Coming into the present moment
  • Showing gratitude for the little things
  • Reminding yourself there’s a time for rest (and a time to handle whatever you’re worried about!)

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Whatever it is that’s stopping you from getting to sleep, find the solutions that resonate and work for you so you can manage your own sleeplessness.

Here’s to a great night’s sleep!

From my heart to yours,

Tracey Gritz

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