How to Learn From Your Own Judgement


Most likely you’ve had many rear-view-mirror moments – when you’ve looked back on a challenging time in a relationship and were able to see how you grew because of that challenge.

Intimate relationships – kids, family, friends, partners – give us some of our most significant opportunities to choose self-love.

Our soul calls forth challenges for us to align with our inner truth, to know ourselves as worthy of our preferences and to understand that we all have the right to be exactly as we are.

Join us at Soul Sisters Café podcast and vlog as we discuss:

  • How to learn from our own judgment.
  • What your soul is teaching you when you want someone to behave differently.
  • When we speak our truth with a loving heart, we invite all hearts involved to join us in a more authentic relationship.
  • Releasing the need to have others validate our feelings.

Watch (or listen) to develop your first person communication skills and discover who we are truly finger wagging at when judgment comes knocking at our mind’s door.

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From my heart to yours,

Tracey Gritz

PSS – Here are two of my favorite quotes from this episode:
  • Jordan Blaquera: And I was going through my struggles for sure, all of my struggles. And I was seeking the light and I was going through all my stuff. Everything that I experienced with you was a requirement for my growth. Everything that you experienced on the other side was a requirement for your growth.

  • Tracey Gritz: There’s a part of you that knows I was not doing it intentionally. But you’re not even going to that level of it. You’re not going to the level of “well, she wasn’t doing it intentionally.” You’re going to, “What’s in this for me?” (AKA What am I hear to learn?)

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