How To Rise Above Blame


Have you ever had a friend do something that hurt your feelings and yet they were utterly oblivious to the turmoil they were causing?

As the injured party in the duo perhaps you:

  1. Swept it under the rug?
  2. Confronted them about how they hurt you?
  3. Vented to others behind their back to affirm how wrong they were and how victimized you were?

Tune into Soul Sisters Café where Jordan shares a situation with a close friend that went from little hearts flying out of Jordan’s chest to daggers in her heart.

As the injured party in the duo, the Jordan of the past would have chosen any of the above options. But this time Jordan chose blame transformation; she decided to navigate in love – love her for herself as well as for her friend.

Blame Transformation: How to rise above blame and stop blaming others for your unhappiness.

Watch or listen or download today’s episode to find out how Jordan was able to rise above blame so that the daggers evaporated, and a new Jordan emerged.

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From my heart to yours,

Tracey Gritz

PS – My favorite quotes from this episode:

Jordan – “One option, sweep it under the rug. Let her decide what she’s going to decide. And then number two, I thought, well, this is an opportunity for intimacy, which is how I was looking back on the situation with you.”

Tracey –  “I do I have preferences. I don’t agree with it…And I don’t have to agree with what everybody does. And that is the difference between judging and disagreeing.

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