Politics: From Contempt to Unity


Politics are rife with contempt and disdain for people on the opposite side of the political aisle.

How can we create unity? How can we be willing to listen to one another and connect and remember the Truth of Who We Are.

No matter how righteous or justified Jordan’s beliefs were, it did not relieve her of the damaging and negative vibration flowing through the cells of her body.

How can we reconcile the dissonance of feeling superior to another person (who may belong to a different political party than you)?

If you don’t like partisan politics, listen in for how politics are a delicious and beautiful way to practice the worth of every single person, including ourselves and those who hold different beliefs than us.

If we can hold anybody in their worth no matter what they do, if we can do that for the things that turn our stomach, knowing that we are all part of the Creator, we can do that for ourselves.

Even if politics is not your jam, wherever there is a challenger, an opponent, someone on the other side (parent, child, relative, spouse, lover, co-worker, boss), the topics in this episode apply.

Wherever we’re in a relationship with people, there are going to be challenges like this.

Other topics discussed include:

    • Fear of speaking your authentic truth,


    • Wanting to people-please


    • Worrying that others may reject us or turn away from us


    • Disgust and disdain for those who hold opposing views from you (be they political or otherwise)


    • The acrimony of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing


    • How crafty fear is at perpetuating itself


    • Great advice from the Dalai Lama


    • Warm-heartedness & sending love through the invisible field


    • How we move from contempt to unity


    • Remember the Truth of Who We Are and Who Others Are.


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