Practicing Patience with Your Husband / Wife / Partner


During a recent drive with my husband, we were running a bit behind and I was sure I knew the better route to our destination. He wanted to go another way, a way he was sure was equally as fast.

I felt quite snarky and, fortunately, was aware enough to keep that ‘snark’ to myself.

It was perplexing. If we were three minutes later, by not going my way, what was the big deal? 

And yet it felt like a big deal!

BTW, my soul sister Jordan and I think “husband” is a synonym for “opportunity for spiritual growth”😇.

Listen in as I share my spiritual toolbox tips that helped me return to love, even when I felt triggered and tweaked by that amazing “man” of mine.

When we have moments of impatience and frustration, it can be hard to see what the Universe is trying to teach us. By truly taking the time to recognize why we feel triggered, we often come to understand that it is simply a reflection of something within ourselves.

This realization allows us to have empathy with others and ourselves which in turn allows us to bring love back into the equation.

A super cool side benefit; practicing patience with my husband has taught me to have patience with myself. 

A total personal growth BOGO!

Listen or watch this enlightening episode for more on:

  • Opportunities for spiritual growth in everyday situations
  • What a spiritual toolbox is and how to use it
  • Identifying with what “tweaks” you
  • Ego’s fear of growth
  • When we don’t have all the answers
  • The importance of not beating yourself up
  • Living up to your own expectations (and how to deal with it when you don’t!

Thanks for joining us in the Soul Sisters Cafe.


From my heart to yours,
Tracey Gritz

P.S. Join us next time for our insights on sleeping better when your mind just won’t seem to shut off.

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