Ever Struggle with Completing a Project?


So you’ve got a new project or goal.

You’ve planned out all the things you need to “check off” your list in order to get there.

That’s how it’s done right?

But how many times has this type of planning held the right amount of structure for you? How often have you actually seen a goal through from start to finish?

Take, for example, a goal we are all familiar with: losing weight. We say, “I will lose 10 lbs by the end of the year.” We say, “I’m going to work out three times a week and eat salads for lunch.”

Those are all great places to start, but does that let you stay on top of your 10 lb goal as each week goes by? How many pounds does this factor out to a week? Does it address the issues (like holiday dinners) that will get in the way?

So often, we set up projects or goals without breaking them down to factor in the other components we have to address before the project or goal can be accomplished. This is how we get derailed, or take 10x longer than we had initially thought.

The good news is there is a way to fix this, and it means beginning at the finish line.

Confused? Watch the video below to discover how…

Going backward can actually propel your success. Tweet that!

(Click here if you prefer a transcription).

It’s easy to say that you’ve started your goal or project with the visualized end in mind. We all think about that successful business launch, that rockin’ presentation, or the way those high school jeans will fit (I use mind mapping to bring my goals and projects to life).
But visualizing isn’t the same as backwards planning.

What we don’t usually think about are the benchmarks that we have to hit by a certain date to make sure we are totally on track. We also tend to glaze over those massive landmines – the things that could shut down our progress – or don’t give them the respect they are due.

So instead of just planning out the tasks between Point A and Point Z, start with Point Z and then measure out when and how you will hit all the other benchmarks.

Also make sure that you look at yourself, your calendar, and be honest – you know how you work and you know what your days look like. This way, you can get a total picture of those benchmarks and landmines and plan accordingly.

What about you? What project, deadline, vacation, or home project do you have in the pipes?

Share below and let us know how you’d like help achieving your goals.

I will be cheering you on while you complete your project!

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